Tenerife Sailing


Isn't this type of thing for the 'shiver me timbers' brigade or the super rich?

Sailing around the Caribbean may be the world brand but catching up at a fair lick is Sailing around the Canaries from Tenerife. The harbours and marinas full of yachts and motor cruisers stand as a testament to all, as well as the increasing popularity of this get-away-from-it-all holiday.

We're not talking about the boat trips that ply their trade daily to satisfy the needs of the many - excellent though they are - we mean private boat charters that are satisfying the growing needs of the few. You can charter your own luxury boat in Tenerife for a few hours, for much less money than you might think!

So why the Canary Islands?  Isn't this type of thing for the shiver me timbers brigade or the super rich? Err... well no it isn't actually. Read on.

Let's answer the why Tenerife's first. With a 4-hour (or less) flight time from most western European capitals and in roughly the same time zone, time in the air is half of what you'd waste getting to the Caribbean. Important when you only have a weeks charter ahead of you. In fact, it's quite possible to be in the air and out to sea on the same day!

Then there's the proverbial all year round sunshine. At 28 degrees north, the Canary Islands are on the same level as the middle of Florida and just north of the Bahamas. Combine that with stunning views of these volcanic islands, and also being home to 21 different species of whales and dolphins, Atlantic Sting Rays and the ever spectacular flying fish and it's easy to see the appeal.

When you're not at sea you can be in the calm waters of a secluded bay or a picturesque harbour to sample some of the best fish restaurants bar none. All in time to watch the sun paint the sea pink before graduating to deep red as it sinks below the horizon. Glance up and the whole Universe is there! Zero light pollution and cloudless nights explain why these skies attract stargazers to Tenerife in their droves.

Be sure to check out some of the options available for Private Yacht Charters in Tenerife.

Of course, if you have got the necessary sailing qualifications you can take a boat out on your own. For those in the know, it's called bareboat. However, if you can't navigate your way out of a paper bag and don't know your main sail from your jib, an experienced skipper will be provided and, if required, your own cook and bottle washer. Luxury sailing yacht or motor cruiser, tell the captain what YOU want from your charter, amble along the coast or island hopping and these titans of the sea will make it so.

Sounds lovely but... ahem... what's the price I hear you asking?  Well lets look at it from a different angle.  Gather a few friends, family members or work colleagues and you can charter your own luxury boat for less than £50 a head for a half-day sailing.

Alternatively, a 7-night stay in a suite capable of sleeping 6 at a 5-star hotel costs upwards of £5000 on a bed & breakfast basis. For near enough the same money (or less) you and your family or friends can live the jet-set life at sea on your own exclusive yacht or power cruiser. And that really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Perhaps you're not ready for a full sea going holiday and want a taster before committing yourself. Then again, you may just want to push the boat out (sorry!) for that special occasion an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. Maybe you want to impress potential clients or reward existing clients (or employees) for their loyalty over the years? No-one can deny these boats provide an impressive setting for business and pleasure. 

Private charters are available in all shapes and sizes from half or full days through to long weekenders... Isn't it time you indulged yourself?