Practical Reasons Why You Might Need To Hire A Private Jet

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Planes are an excellent way of transportation, but flying commercially sometimes presents some unique challenges. There are several distinct advantages to flying privately, which many people do not realize. For example, flying private is significantly more luxurious than flying commercially. Unlike commercial flights, you have the option of deciding the flight schedule, the airport, even the flight crew.

The possibility of canceled flights is one of the numerous reasons why people would choose to engage in private services. Over the past few years, more people are crammed into airports with limited facilities. This is one reason why commercial aviation is quickly becoming intolerable. It has caused people to look elsewhere for alternatives.

This guide highlights some of the benefits of hiring a private jet.


If you travel for business regularly then you will often want to reach your destination as quickly as possible. Flying on a commercial flight sometimes can be exhausting, especially if it involves enduring a lengthy layover. Charter flights are the fastest way to travel, regardless of where you are going. The company will prepare the route carefully following your requests. You can inform BitLux Travel of your needs in advance, and it arranges everything for you including ground transportation and in-flight services. For example, if you are flying on business, you can choose an aircraft that enables you to conduct business on board. Instead of driving long distances to get to the nearest international airport, you can fly out of the nearest regional airport. Additionally, this will eliminate the need for you to waste valuable time in a lengthy security queue.


The major benefit of this service, when compared to a commercial flight, is the quality of service, combined with the comfort. The benefit of traveling by private jet is that you won't have to be confined to your seat. In addition, you will also get to enjoy total privacy and a lot of space. Additionally, you can opt for different crew companies based on the jet’s availability and capabilities. Simply put, this implies that the plane will be yours. The plane is fully available to you for any purposes that you may require. No annoying neighbors are encroaching your personal space. Some planes have beds on board that would allow a good night's sleep upon arrival.

Avoid Several Airport Procedures

In almost every step of commercial flying, stress is prevalent. Many airlines require you to check-in at the airport hours before your flight. After checking in, passengers will need to wait for their flights. The worst-case scenario would be a flight delay or cancellation, which can occur at the last minute. In addition, there is the possibility of discomfort and even luggage loss during the flight due to unruly passengers. You can avoid these problems if you hire a luxurious private jet. From ground transportation to boarding the plane, everything has been taken care of for you.

Room For More Luggage

The luggage allowance on most commercial flights is extremely limited. It means you cannot bring your comforts with you when you travel. There is nothing more aggravating or embarrassing than boarding a crowded flight and being forced to shove your luggage into a cramped overhead compartment. When you fly on a private plane, your luggage allowance is much larger. Whether you want to bring along extra clothes or even a full set of golf clubs, you can get the right aircraft for your requirements. Furthermore, you won't have to store your bags away. You have immediate access to your luggage as it is kept on the same level as you.


Many people consider pets to be an integral part of their families. A commercial flight can be very traumatic for a pet owner who must leave his or her pet behind. Private jet charters give you control over the aircraft as well as the rules. Thus, your pet can also enjoy the activities with you. You will need a valid health certificate and vaccination records, of course. Besides that, you can simply relax and enjoy the flight with your pets in your private jet.

On a final note, first-class simply refers to service of the highest quality. We commonly refer to first class in the context of a commercial flight. The perks of paying for a first-class seat on a commercial flight include receiving the best service and the most comfortable seating. However, this only applies to that plane. Private jets offer a superior experience to first-class flights. The experience becomes a lot more luxurious and you have a great deal of flexibility (as discussed) in your overall travel arrangement.