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Mysterious Medicines, Shagwear & Marvellous Mementos: Undercover at Los Cristianos Market & Costa Adeje Market

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Where would you go to heal your haemorrhoids? Your GP, chemist or a fellow sufferer for advice? Here's another option: Los Cristianos Market, where one trader proclaims her aloe vera lotion will burst that bubble.

Miracle Cures
Wandering its maze of shady aisles under mustard yellow canopies, you'll discover pills for many more ills. According to the vendor's patchy English scripts, you can buy utensils to open stiff jar lids that'll stop you getting arthritis.

Unimpressed by those bold statements? Consider the bargain souvenirs. Among the yapping toy dogs, waving synthetic trees - a brand of Canarian wallets and purses, not what you were hoping - you'll find all your holiday gifts: six fridge magnets for a cool €5; personalised clocks, caps and caricatures for €10; fake designer t-shirts you can barter down to three for €10.

In the Calvin Klein store opposite Costa Adeje Market, where the stalls and vendors are much the same as Los Cristianos Market, one such garment costs €40 

A shopa-phobic and still unconvinced by the savings? The entertainment could provide some relief. While waking your senses with the smell of curry from the spice stalls, strawberry soaps and roasted nuts, you'll enjoy many sideshows - multi-purpose vegetable cutter demonstrations (two for €10); magic books, pens and belts working their miracles; vendors dancing to Flamenco and playing Peruvian pipes to catch your eyes and ears; the cheery, sometimes cringeworthy sales pitches in a variety of accents. As Paul Weller sings, That's Entertainment!

Same Difference
The major difference between both main Tenerife markets in the south are the surrounding areas. Los Cristianos Market is right by the sea and you could easily combine a visit with a beach day or a stroll along the boardwalk. 

Costa Adeje Market however, is far from the beach and close to a commercial area of designer shops like Armani, Gucci and Lacoste and many five star hotels. For that reason, a coffee in the surrounding cafes will cost double the price of Los Cristianos where, in nearby Charlys, you can get cake and a tea or coffee for €3.75. 

When and Where?
- Los Cristianos Market opens Tuesdays and Sundays, 9am to 2pm.
- Costa Adeje Market is open Thursdays and Saturdays, 9am to 2pm.

In the Market for Something Different?
The African Market in Santa Cruz has over 300 dazzling stalls selling fruit and veg as well as seafood and meat among its planet of paraphernalia.

Opening hours are: 
- Monday to Saturday: 6am to 2pm. 
- Sundays from 7am to 2pm.

Take the 110 direct bus from Los Cristianos Bus Station.

Up For Some Agro?
Then freshen things up with a visit to the Adeje Agricultural Market. Trading days and times where you can bag local cheeses, fresh fish and produce straight from the soil are:

- Wednesdays: 3pm to 7pm
- Saturdays and Sundays: 8pm to 1.30pm.

There's another Farmers' Market in El Medano, every Wednesday 8am to 1pm.

Just So You Know.
You might find further haemorrhoid healers at some other Tenerife Markets:

- Playa San Juan Market: Wednesdays and Sundays, 9am to 2pm.
- Los Abrigos Night Market: 5pm to 9pm, every Tuesday.
- Alcala Market: Mondays, 9am to 2pm.

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