More than a stroll along the prom


Have a dip into these top Tenerife coastal walks

Stretching your legs can mean as little or much as you want in Tenerife. Local councils are continually opening up and linking more stretches of salty tinged sea views, and one day you might be able to circle the whole island but for now, have a dip into these Tenerife coastal walks.

Playa de Las Americas to Los Cristianos

Avert your gaze to the right if you think this commercial walk doesn’t count. Then you will just see the craggy rocks below Geranium Walk as you leave Puerto Colon and the black sand sweeps below the pedestrian zone as you head to Veronicas in Playa de Las Americas. Your ears will still hear the drag of the shingle as you round the headland with the strange metal sculptures. Into Los Cristianos the golden sand crescent of Las Vistas will impress and there’s the option of the two older beaches if you head to the foot of Guaza mountain. Approx 90 minutes.

Candelaria Samarines

The Guanche statues will look like toys as you head up and around the Basilica for views up to Santa Cruz. Dipping down you cross several small barrancos before reaching Playa de Viuda, a wide stretch of lively beach backed by a fishing community of old dwellings. It’s a quiet 90 minute return walk with no modern distractions.

Callao Salvaje to Playa Paraiso

The new wooden bridge over the barranco may remind you of childhood trolls and goats but it links up this nice little west coast stretch. Rising above Playa Ajabo beach and Café Sansibar is a high viewpoint. The rocky fingers reach out into the sea and look tempting but resist and capture them on camera instead That bridge beats an undignified scramble and leaves you unscratched for the neat and pretty Adeje 3000 promenade that loops past modernized pocket beaches and into Playa Paraiso. Approx one hour.

El Medano to Los Abrigos

From eroded beach coves to the sand dunes and around Montaña Roja in El Medano, the skies will be peppered with kite surfers. No peeking at the nudist beach but tread carefully in the natural reserve area and you may see the many bird species that visit. There’s a big open stretch of beach beyond leading into Los Abrigos, and this 90-minute Tenerife walk will sharpen your appetite for their array of famous Tenerife fish restaurants.

Playa San Juan to Alcala

A smooth modern path from Playa San Juan soon becomes an undulating rough track needing some tricky footwork. Half way, a proposed port development requires an inland detour through the small hamlet of Fonsalia but you pop out again to overlook the pretty fishing village of Alcala. Sounds like a lot of effort for an hours' walk but it’s rugged charms are worth it.