5 Apps That Will Make Your Trip to Tenerife Smoother

From golden beaches and stunning national parks to vibrant coastal towns, Tenerife is one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers looking to relax and unwind. But if it’s your first time visiting the Canary Islands, you might not realize there are simple things that can help bring your vacation to the next level—apps.

There are various types of travel apps that can help you prepare for your trip, find the best activities on your island destination, and ensure your safety throughout your vacation. But with so many on the app market, how do you know which ones are reliable?

This article will highlight some of the best apps you can bring to Tenerife. It will strike a balance between information and security, ensuring that it will be a trip worth remembering no matter what you get up to!
Five essential apps you need in Tenerife
Travel apps are becoming essential to modern-day traveling. The travel app industry, worth over $566 billion in 2022, is a testament to their importance. Travelers want apps that take charge of everything from booking tickets and reservations to finding the best restaurants and bars, helping organize their packing and more!
Below are five essential apps you need to help make the most of your trip to Tenerife:

1.    Packpoint

The winner of the prestigious Google Play Editor’s Choice Award, Packpoint is a free travel packing organizer that has become an essential way of packing for vacations.
The app is incredibly user-friendly. Just enter your destination and the length of your stay, and the app will compile an organized itinerary of everything you need.
It will consider the time of year, the predicted weather of Tenerife, and your planned activities and propose an itemized list of things you need to bring with you.
What’s more, you can sync PackPoint with other travel itinerary apps like TripIt, which helps keep track of your flights, reservations, bookings, and more. You can share created lists with travel buddies, ensuring everyone is on the same page before and during your vacation.
2.    A virtual private network (VPN)

Whether checking and booking reservations, researching things to do, or keeping in touch with family and friends, a time will come when you go online in Tenerife.
When using the internet on vacation, you might introduce significant risks to your cybersecurity, as opportunistic hackers target complacent travelers. One of the best ways of avoiding this is by using a VPN app to safeguard your online activity.
A VPN app encrypts your connection, scrambling data you send and receive. This prevents a hacker from monitoring your activity. Even when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, typically a hotbed for cyberattacks, a VPN will protect your privacy, allowing you to go online with total peace of mind.
3.    Tenerife Topo Maps

Turn your phone into a personal GPS navigation with Tenerife Topo Maps, an app that offers the best topographic maps and aerial photographs for your trip to the island.
Open street maps allow visitors to see the island’s unique features, including nearby places of interest and street names. Cycle maps are tailor-made to help you plan the best cycling excursions to enjoy. Users can create and share waypoints to monitor their journey, including tracking average speeds, elevation, and bearing.
Moreover, hill-shading overlays allow you to plan various walks, too, perfect for those looking to hike around the island’s many hills. The app can rotate maps as you move, allowing you to replay your journey instantly.
Pro features in the app include the ability to use the app offline, download and store maps in the cache for offline use, and have unlimited waypoints and tracks.
Moreover, the developers explicitly state on the app that no user activity is tracked or collected, giving you peace of mind that your plans on the island are protected.
4.    Tenerife ON

As the official app of the Tenerife Island Council, Tenerife ON is tailor-made to help you make the most of your vacation. It includes a library of information on everything the island has to offer you and critical advice on staying safe throughout your trip.
From cycling and hiking trails to finding where outdoor activities and the best recreational areas are, Tenerife ON is your personal travel guide. It can even be used when you have no mobile reception.
The app offers information in real-time, giving you essential information on the conditions of routes, facilities, and treks before you set off. This way, you can plan a safe activity and stay informed on any potential changes in the weather.
5.    ten+móvil (Vía-Móvil)

Traveling around Tenerife is made all the more straightforward thanks to ten+móvil, an app that allows you to buy and validate travel tickets. Whether it’s a train or tram, you’ll be able to purchase tickets in an instant. You’ll also be able to buy travel tickets for other people by sending funds directly into their virtual wallets.
But that’s not all—ten+móvil is specially designed with tourists in mind, finding you the best special offers to make fares cheaper. This helps maximize your funds while getting around the island.