Best TV Satellite and Mobile Phones in Tenerife

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Tenerife team

On this volcanic island in the Atlantic it is vital to have effective external and internal communications. TV and mobile phones in Tenerife are an important part of this communication network.

With this in mind, the island government is nearing completion of a multi million euro investment of optical fibre installation around Tenerife to bring it well and truly into the digital TV age via the internet. A few years ago any Ex-pat living in Tenerife would have told you the only thing they missed about 'blighty' was British TV. Well not anymore...Soaps, Sports, Reality TV, Dramas, Documentaries and News are all available at the push of a button after a visit to providers like Premier Communications. Even better, they have made real 'in roads' into the high tariffs charged for mobile phones in Tenerife. There's no need to go without your comfort blanket of British TV in Tenerife or pay through the nose for your mobile!