Famous Carpet Display of La Orotava

Don't miss the unveiling of the Corpus Christi Carpet 2017

Thu Jun 22nd 2017
Tenerife, la orotava, tenerife

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Yet another quirky religious celebration celebrated on the island is the Corpus Christi Alfombra display - for which locals spend months making the award-winning famously intricate rugs or carpets to celebrate the week-long town celebrations of la Orotava in June.

The carpets have held the Guinness World Record for the largest ephemeral carpet display in the world since 2006 and every year they are completely different but equally spectacular to behold. 

The designs which usually feature religious images, are ofetn made from flowers or earth from el Teide and the making of them is shown on a live webcam here: http://www.canarylive24.com/webcam-live-la-orotava

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