A Witches Sabbath in Guimar

Las Burras de Güímar are witches disguised as donkey mares who worship the devil.

Fri Mar 10th 2017 at 20:00
Tenerife, Guimar, Tenerife

Event Details

Perhaps one of the most sinister and provocative of Carnaval's events are the Burras of Guimar, a modern twist on an old local legend; where witches dress up as donkeys to infiltrate the public and carry out acts of black magic in honour of the devil.

This year the wacky celebrations will take place on Friday 10th March at around 9pm when they will be a traditional Sardine burial parade which gradually turns into a witches sabbath - if you want to experience something different, look no further!

There has been much controversy over this years poster, which although winning the poster competition has been censored for publication as it shows a woman on all fours before the devil.


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