TV in Tenerife

Getting British TV in Tenerife

Deciding whether or not to move to Tenerife can involve any number of pros and cons to be identified and carefully weighed, and one which is almost certain to be on everyone's list is 'how to live without British TV'.
We may moan constantly when political party broadcasts fill every screen; about the number of repeats or the fact that there's too much or too little football but the truth of the matter is, British TV is amongst the best in the world and it's a major part of our lives and our leisure time. The prospect of losing it is not one any of us relish.
Well the good news is that there are a number of satelliteTV companies in Tenerife who can beam all the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and 5 channels directly into your home. You can choose to have a satellite installed or to route via a modem on your home computer and if you live in an apartment complex, you may find that the community has British TV already installed and you can simply buy-in to the existing arrangements.
Whichever system you choose, with home just a channel hop away moving to Tenerife doesn't have to be as dramatic as an episode of Eastenders.