Return to Ecstasy - Call of the Wild Feminine

Dance journey with Zola Dubnikova

Fri Jun 2nd 2017 to Tue Jun 6th 2017 at 18:00 until 16:00
Tenerife, hacienda cristoforo, playa paraiso

Event Details

Five day retreat to show women how to know and believe in the holiness of their bodies, the sacredness of their dance, and the power of their voice.

From Friday June 2nd until Monday 5th. Contact for options for individual workshops.

"The Sufi masters might say that the state of ecstasy is simply our natural state; a state that children easily access, but that as we grow we slowly forget... In modern society we are often conditioned to numb ourselves.

When we break down this conditioning, we release the wild, intuitive nature of woman. 

In this experience in Tenerife we will take a dance journey fusing contemporary body science, movement energetics, breath, ritual and mystical eastern dance practices drawn across time and worlds.

This healing experience opens the heart, releases the pelvis, strengthens the core, roots the feet and moves the soul. We dance the trance of release, letting go of what we don’t want to hold in the body; we build inner softness & strength; we listen to our inner voice; we take a journey together to build inner power & release the body toward deeper freedom. We learn a powerful vocabulary of movement, based on the unique “holistic dance language” developed by Zola. Between ethereal melodies and deep trance-y beats, the mystic ancient and the present moment merge across time & worlds in a powerful experience for body & spirit."

To learn more about Zola and her work, visit
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Price of the workshop:

Early bird price until 30/04/2017 is 435 euros;
The price after this date is 480 euros.

For more info and inscriptions contact

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