Five things to do on Valentine’s Day in Tenerife

(without breaking the bank)

If Christmas made your funds fizzle out like the New Year fireworks, here’s five things to do on Valentine’s Day in Tenerife to pull on the heart strings, not the purse strings.

1. Atlantic Pampering
Instead of spending hundreds on a tanning booth and spa, go to Garachico where Mother Nature regales salt water rock pools in which you can share a kiss and sunbathe in Atlantic sunshine.

2. Picnic Paradise
Why pay for a meal when you can picnic in one of many idyllic spots? Unravel your blanket over a carpet of pine forest needles in Las Lajas woods; feed each other strawberries surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees in Santiago del Teide; crack open the cava in the pine forest at Chio - just three of a plethora of picturesque picnic areas to choose from.  
3. Stargazing in Tenerife
While a cosy, candlelit night in is always tempting, you could opt instead for a starlit night out at Mount Teide. Cuddle up to protect from the altitude chills and make your wishes whilst marvelling at the shooting stars fizzing through the million diamonds glimmering in the charcoal sky.

4. Valentine’s Eve
The perfect place to prime your Valentine is hugging in the back row of Multicine Gran Sur the day before. Every Wednesday movie tickets are half-price at €4.00. Supersize that popcorn!

5. SeaSide by Side
Why waste petrol touring the island caged in a car when you can dazzle your senses on one of Tenerife’s scenic walks by the sea?
See the colliseum of cacti on the desert terrain from Las Galletas to La Rasca lighthouse; catch the salty scent of the brine atop Playa del Duque promontory walking to Los Cristianos; hear the swell boom and detonate on the rocks between Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraiso; waltz with the wind on the blonde dunes of El Medano arriving from Los Abrigos.

Cash left to Splash?
If there's money left after tightening your belt, we suggest busting it back open with a romantic meal. Treat your taste buds to the exquisite fusion of mediterranean cuisine at La Nonna; let the sensational sushi at Restaurant 88 pamper your palate; spoil your stomach with the delectable Canarian dishes at Las Aguas. Tenerife’s restaurants have something for everyone.

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Tenerife can be your cheap date on Valentine’s Day.