Uphill and down dale


A year round temperate climate has made Tenerife a cycling mecca for champions and amateurs

With the rise in car ownership in the latter half of the 20th Century it was thought that the days of the bicycle as a means of commuting and a hobby were numbered. However, the prophets of doom were proved wrong... and how!

The increasing price of petrol, a more environmental and health aware outlook, Government initiatives and in recent years success in the Olympics and the Tour de France have combined to make cycling one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK.

So what do you get for your cycling euro in Tenerife?

Tenerife’s year round temperate climate, particularly in the winter months, has made it the destination of choice for champions and amateurs alike to get their ‘fix’ before the UK summer kicks in. But there is more to this island than just the sunshine and the clue is in the title of this article; perhaps an alternative would be ‘up the volcano and down the barranco’.

For the weekend cyclists amongst you who enjoy the fresh air and a challenge (now and again!), the roads and promenades connecting the relatively flat plains that run along the south and west coasts interrupted only by the resorts and the occasional ravine (barranco) are ideal. Perhaps a light lunch and a dip in the sea along the way complete the picture for you on your rental bike. 

Moving up the pecking order, there are companies offering structured cycling holidays. Of course everyone is welcome but in truth they are aimed at people who ride regularly, perhaps are members of an amateur cycling club and may even compete in organised road races. For you people Mount Teide will be your playground for the week. A climb of 2,100m can be achieved in just 35km which means that man and machine are sorely tested. Still, what goes up must come down as the saying goes and the descent will replace the grimace on your face with a smile!

But why confine your riding to the road? Mother nature has fashioned a myriad of mountain tracks in the historic lava flows which makes it a popular stamping ground for the mountain bikers amongst you.  Specialist companies such as Lavatrax know after years of experience exactly what turns their clients on and will tailor make packages for you.

After all that hard work we think you’ll need a holiday(!) and as you are already on one of the most popular tourist islands on the planet why not stay on that extra week and sample its other delights... just an idea?