Planning your second wedding

Organizing a wedding is a joyful experience, full of excitement and wonder whether it is your first time or you’ve been married before. However, planning a second wedding does come with some unique issues, challenges, and hurdles to maneuver around.
Whether you are remarrying after a divorce or the loss of a spouse, a second wedding brings with it certain considerations and issues. It is an opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment to your partner and gives you a new perspective and more experience to bring to bear in the process, allowing you to truly reflect your personality and values. But it does also bring with it certain things that need to be addressed or at least considered.
So before you start organizing your romantic honeymoon in the Mediterranean or the Canary Islands, here are a few things to think about when planning your second wedding.

Set Your Priorities

When it comes to wedding number two, you will probably have different priorities. It is important, however, to start by considering what is most important to you and your partner, and ensuring that your priorities are in sync. For example, many people getting married for the second time prefer to move to a more intimate, smaller ceremony and celebration, but if your partner is getting married for the first time this might not be exactly what they want. Discussing the most important parts of your wedding and coming to an agreement about exactly how the day should look before you start planning is tremendously important and helps to ensure that the big day is perfect for both of you.

Choose a Meaningful Location

Some couples feel intense pressure to make a second wedding even more meaningful. People often feel a sort of stigma attached to getting married for the second time and worry excessively about how to make it feel special. One way to deal with these irrational but understandable concerns is to choose to hold it in a particularly meaningful location, somewhere that holds special memories for you and your partner. Choosing a unique location that has particular significance to your relationship, whether it's a destination wedding in the city where you met or the venue is the place you had your first kiss, ensures that the wedding is uniquely yours. A meaningful location adds a personal touch to your second wedding that will set it apart from your first.

Consider Your Guest List

The guest list is a hugely important part of any wedding but comes with extra complications and requires additional thought the second time around. If you are remarrying following a divorce there may be people in your social circle who don’t feel comfortable attending. It’s important to consider your list carefully and decide whether you want to keep things small or include a large crowd. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to communicate clearly with anyone who isn’t included but might expect to be.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Your second wedding is an opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment in a way that reflects your new relationship. It is an opportunity to look to the future and enjoy the new happiness you have found. Consider incorporating personal touches into your wedding ceremony or reception, such as your favorite songs, decorations, or activities that hold special meaning for you and your partner.
Planning a second wedding can be a unique and rewarding experience. It might require a little more thought than your first wedding, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Remember, this is your day, so don't be afraid to make it your own and celebrate your love in a way that feels right to you.