Top 10 Reasons to Holiday in Tenerife

There are many reasons why Tenerife is a fab place so spend your holiday - in fact a lot more than may people know. Perhaps you know of other reasons why Tenerife is such a great place to kick back and enjoy the summer (and winter) sun. Let us know and we might be persuaded to change our Top 10.

1. Sunshine all the way

If there's one thing that living in the UK does for its citizens, it's making them very appreciative of having good weather when they go on holiday and when it comes to guaranteed holiday sun, few places can beat Tenerife. Whether you're escaping the winter  or are sick and tired of looking at the barbecue from behind a rain splattered summer window, Tenerife's default setting is sun, sun and more sun.

2. Beaches

There's absolutely no point in having all that good weather if you haven't got anywhere to enjoy it. Luckily, Tenerife is as obsessed with creating beaches as the Brits are at lying on them. Depending on which resort you chose, you could try a different beach every day for a week – or even a fortnight if you're willing to travel. But then, who wants to travel when there's a beach to lie on in the sun?

3. It's so easy

Just about every major airport has at least one daily flight to Tenerife and from most of them, flying time is around the four and a half hour mark which means you could be having breakfast in a miserable Manchester and lunch beneath the palms in Playa de Las Americas. What's more, there's no time difference and no jet lag.

4. It's full of family fun

When it comes to family magic, Tenerife is the Hogwarts of holidays. Try shooting out of a tunnel in a rubber ring, straight into the jaws of a dragon in Siam Park, or letting your little monkeys feed fruit and nuts to other little monkeys at the Monkey Park, or sitting them in the front row of the dolphin show at Loro Parque and watching their eyes turn to saucers or...I could go on, and on.

5. Home from home

Although the island lies just 300 km off the coast of Africa and belongs to Spain, in the resorts of the south and west coast you'll have no trouble being understood in English and you'll find all your home favourites in easy reach. From bacon and eggs and a pint of John Smiths to Match of the Day and Eastenders, it's all there for those who want it. For everyone else, head inland and north until you find Tenerife.

6. It's out of this world

Coming to Tenerife and not seeing Mount Teide is like going to Blackpool and not seeing the Tower – you're missing the obvious high point. Teide National Park is not just another excursion, it's a visit to a landscape which is almost unique on the planet. Take the cable car ride to just below the summit for a God's eye view of the world and a taste of high altitude – probably not one for vertigo sufferers, unless you keep your eyes shut, which kind of makes it pointless.

7. Join the clubbers

Tenerife may have polished up its act since the 1990s and is now more chic than cheap but that doesn't mean it's hung up its party frock altogether. Clubbers will still find plenty of venues in which to get their groove on, from the sophisticated cool of clubs in the south to the steamy Latino beat of the north. So pack your best duds and get on down to the dance floor and if you're missing the 90´s, Veronica's is still going strong.

8. It's a swinger's paradise

For anyone in your family who's suffering from the addiction to swinging a metal club at a little white ball...Tenerife has more greens than a market garden. No less than seven championship golf courses grace the island and every one of them has stunning views and year-round perfect playing conditions. Don't come here if you're trying to quit, you're onto a loser.

9. Walk this way

From above the clouds at its mountainous peak to along the cliffs of its palm grove coasts, Tenerife is a dream destination for anyone who likes to pull on the walking boots and sling a rucksack over their shoulders. Still a relative unknown on the hiker's world map, you can walk for hours and hardly meet another soul.

10. It's safe and sound

Tenerife may not be at the cutting edge of world developments nor would it hold up well in a list of the most hip and happening places on the planet, but there's one thing that still puts it way above many other holiday destinations. Tenerife is an extremely safe place in which to live, work and play. And in our book, that makes it priceless.

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