Top 10 Tenerife Walks

It’s only recently that the British Gore-Tex set have caught on to what the German visitors have known for years - Tenerife is a trekking heaven.

Over 600 miles of trails weave through rich woodland, traverse deep gullies and curve up, over and around volcanic peaks. Passing whitewashed villages and hillside farms, each one offers visitors an insight into the real Tenerife, its history, culture and beauty.

For solitude amidst a natural playground, the Anaga or Teno Rural Parks offer amazing routes, the former including the legendary Masca trail from mountain to ocean, the latter a stunning route through rainforest-like canopy to the hidden hamlet of Taganana.

If you want to take even more dramatic steps, a network of signed paths snake through the desert-scape of Las Cañadas at the foot of Mount Teide. Here we list our top ten best Tenerife walks.

1. Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada

This is the best walk on Tenerife, through ancient forests and steep, mountain ravines to a hamlet where the locals live in cave houses. Swap the flip flops for hiking boots and the bikini for a fleece – this is an hour's drive and a million miles away from Playa de Las Américas.

2. Masca Gorge

A three hour hike from picturesque village to beach takes you through a prehistoric landscape straight from Jurassic Park. Buy a ticket for the boat to Los Gigantes to avoid the return hike and walking like a T Rex for the next week.

3. Barranco del Infierno (Hell's Ravine)

Just a hop and a skip from the beaches of Costa Adeje, this three hour, round trip ends in that most rare of Tenerife features - a waterfall. A real favourite, provided a) it's open and b) you can get past the job's worth on the gate who checks your footwear and water reserves.

(Please note, this walk is currently closed).

4. Rambla del Castro

Old haciendas, banana plantations, palm groves and a miniature fort in which to play at Pirates of the Caribbean are the rewards for stretching your legs along the stunning Los Realejos coast.

5. La Fortaleza

Leave this planet altogether and head up into the moonscape of Teide National Park to explore a section of the north crater wall. It's an easy enough trail but there's a certain amount of heavy breathing along the way due to the altitude, at least, that's my excuse.

6. The Erjos Pools

Head up into deepest rural Tenerife to discover these former quarry works which are now a  watery beauty spot. Ducks, dragonflies and views to die for are all part of the delightful, two hour ramble.

7. Chinyero

Take a turn around the site of Tenerife's last volcanic eruption in 1909. You'll find a surprisingly diverse landscape to admire and you'll discover an interesting phenomenon about walking on fresh (in volcanic terms) lava – it hurts your feet.

8. Los Órganos

Pine scented forests, emerald fields, picture-postcard stone cottages and walking above a sea of clouds await those with the stamina and the head for heights to explore the upper La Orotava Valley.

9. Pico Viejo

Ride the cable car to just below the peak of Mount Teide and follow the path to Pico Viejo (the Old Peak) for a jaw-dropping view over the volcanic crater with the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro floating on the horizon.

10. Geranium Walk

Step out of your hotel onto the 9 km, palm tree lined promenade that runs from Los Cristianos to La Caleta. Connecting no less than 12 beaches and countless bars, restaurants and shops along the way, this one might take a little time to complete.

If you prefer motorised transport over foot-power, perhaps our Tenerife Top 10 Drives might suit you better.