Getting Married in Tenerife

First things first... despite all the EU regulations relating to freedom of movement within its member countries it is not possible to get legally married in Tenerife unless you are a resident on the island. The only legal church weddings that can happen here for non-residents is a Catholic wedding. To start the ball rolling you must go to your local Priest, who will contact the Bishop who will then contact the Catholic Priest over here. Between them they will gather all of the right paper work and set the date. With this in mind, the following information is aimed at people who would like a ‘wedding ceremony’ on the paradise island that is Tenerife.

We have put the phrase ‘wedding ceremony’ in inverted commas because what you need to do is to be legally married in a civil ceremony in your own country, then fly here to have a ‘blessing ceremony'.


Why get married in Tenerife?

The weather is perhaps the main influence , it is not called the ‘island of eternal spring’ for nothing. In particular the spring and late summer sun has a warm glow that produces temperatures best described as a ‘beautiful summers day’ in the UK... perfect for the big day!

The variety of spectacular locations to be found on Tenerife is another factor. There are many beautiful and ornate churches on the island for those who want a traditional blessing ceremony.  

Then again, as is common in the UK, couples are making the day even more memorable by choosing a venue outside the church and this is where Tenerife comes into its own... people live their lives outdoors here. A spectacular affair in the sub-tropical gardens of a luxury 5-star hotel such as the Costa Adeje Gran Hotel 5* could be just the ticket for you. Or maybe, a rural hotel set in the spectacular mountains of the National Park will produce a more intimate gathering for you and your guests.

The crystal clear waters of the ocean is another option... no we don’t mean in it! A private Tenerife boat charter for the afternoon/evening provides a fantastic way to watch the amazing sunset whilst Mount Teide watches over proceedings landward... just an idea?

Yes, but what about the cost of all this you might say? Flights, accommodation, it all adds up! The average cost of a wedding in the UK is £20,000 compared to £4,000 in Tenerife. A couple of other things to think about. Your guests could consider their wedding invite as their annual holiday abroad and for the happy couple why not combine the wedding and honeymoon.