Tenerife Airport Parking

For most people a holiday in Tenerife is a sacred time, a week or two of well-earned rest away from the stresses of everyday life. But the question is, at what point does that holiday actually start?

When can you kick back, open a bottle of sparkly and start singing. We're all going on a... summer holiday? When can you shed the weight of 9-5 and start imagining the sun on your back, the sea-breeze in your face and the smell of coconut oil in the air?

For some, it's the moment that dusty case is dragged from beneath the bed. For others, it's not until that same case is shoved in the back of a hotel wardrobe used, abused and empty, awaiting to be stuffed with dirty laundry, souvenirs and bottles of local plonk swathed in rolled-up t-shirts.

Whenever the whistle blows for the holiday kick-off, you want to make sure that everything after it causes as least stress as possible including airport parking.

Something as simple as dumping the family motor at the airport can cause an onset of anxiety only matched by finding all the swimming pool sunbeds reserved with Bayern Munich beach towels.

There's nothing that will pale a holiday tan quicker than returning to find you've chosen the wrong car park and your holiday outgoings have near doubled. So why not just get a taxi like almost half of all air passengers still do? Well, apart from reliability issues, pre-booked airport parking can save you up to half of a taxi fare which means more money in your pocket on holiday.

Holiday Extras offer discounted airport parking at each and every one of the UK's 26 main airports. In fact, they're so sure of offering the best deal, they'll give you your money back if you can find the same airport parking product cheaper elsewhere within 24 hours of payment.* Conditions apply. See website.

So before you throw your hard-earned money down the drain, make sure you start your holidays in the right frame of mind. Spend a couple of minutes comparing the costs of pre-booked Gatwick parking (or any UK airport) against the price of a taxi using Holiday Extras online calculator. You'll be surprised.

(This page has been sponsored by Holiday Extras).