Costa del Silencio

Located on the flight path between Las Galletas and Amarilla Golf, Costa de Silencio doesn’t really live up to its name, which was presumably given to it many years before the arrival of the Reina Sofia airport.

If you’re looking for a holiday resort that’s not too exotic or culture-packed – think karaoke pubs, fish ‘n’ chips and cheap beer – this is the place for you. Originally constructed in the 1960’s as one of the first purpose-built holiday destinations, the resort hasn’t changed much since.

There is a handful of bars and restaurants dotted around the resort, as well as a few supermarkets which are suitable for stocking up on essentials.

To the north of the resort, a small section of the outskirts is dedicated to sport and fitness. There is a tennis and bowling club called Happy Days with reasonable rates and a bar/restaurant where you can negate all the hard work you just did with a double cheeseburger. Surrounding the sports club is something of a park with a selection of sports equipment completely free to use. There are no instructions provided, so if you feel like giving an unusual-looking piece of equipment a try, it might be worth watching one of the experienced locals use it first, for your pride’s sake.

Possibly the most interesting, and certainly bizarre, attraction in Costa de Silencio is the ‘Bathers Fountain’. Not your run-of-the-mill water feature, this stone fountain is in the form of a giant bath with a number of life-size men and women up to their shoulders in water, all geared up in swimming caps, hats, sunglasses and swimming goggles.

Costa de Silencio doesn’t have its own beach – the land meets the sea in a jagged, rocky, awkward embrace – but you can find the nearest beach only a short stroll away in Las Galletas. This small stretch of sand is incredibly popular with locals during the weekend and on an evening during the summer months, so your best bet is to go early. It’s quite a pleasant place to spend the day, with small fishing boats bobbing up and down and a fantastic selection of seafood restaurants nearby.