Passport, Visa and Vaccination Requirements

It’s easy to forget that Tenerife, situated off the coast of Africa, is a Spanish Territory!  As a result all the rules and regulations that apply on the Spanish mainland regarding entry requirements are the same here. 


If you are an EU citizen you will need either a valid Passport or if you reside in a country with compulsory State issued identity cards you can enter Tenerife on this alone. All residents outside the EU require a valid passport.

Handy Tips: If you have the opportunity to use a safe or strong box for your passport, driving licence and other valuables whilst in Tenerife we recommend that you use the facility. However, if you intend to purchase goods or services with a credit/debit card you will need photo ID in the form of a Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Card. Always carry your driving licence with you if you are hiring a car.


All Non-European Citizens with the exception of Norway and Iceland require a visa along with a valid passport to enter Tenerife.


Unless visiting Tenerife from an infected area, there are no vaccination requirements.

Handy Tip: A refund on most medical costs can be obtained by EU Citizens by using form EHIC.  These are available from Post offices, Health Centres or Social Security Offices.