Meteor Showers in Tenerife

There’s an estimated 14,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy. Two thirds of the world’s population rarely see them, their glory smothered by a thick blanket of smog, bad weather or light pollution.

Due to the lack of light and carbon pollution, Tenerife is arguably one of the best places in the Northern hemisphere to watch meteor showers or shooting stars. Even from the coast it's still possible to see the odd shooting star here and there in a matter of minutes. However, THE best way of making the most of meteor showers is to take a trip up to El Teide and park up at the Roques de Garcia. The locals are known to take up blankets and spend hours gazing in to the infinite sparkling cosmic abyss!

Here are the dates of 2016's regular meteor showers in Tenerife. Click each for more info!

Other dates to look out for:

Around the March Equinox. This is "Fireball" season where NASA reports there are up to 30% more visible meteors than any other time in the year.

Why not make a night of it? Contact Tenerife Guided Walks for more information on their Teide by Night Hikes!