Tenerife flight cancelled advice

Tenerife Flight Cancelled Advice


If your Tenerife flight is cancelled because of the ash cloud, it's important to know your rights.

It seems incredible that, up until last year many of us had never heard of volcanic ash clouds and yet here we are again with airports in Scotland closed, aircraft grounded and the prospect of a nightmare holiday weekend of delays looming.

Word on the grapevine from those who know about these things is that Britain may get away with considerably less disruption than it experienced last year as the ash is heavier and will fall more quickly, and because airlines have upped their threshold for safe flying in ash clouds. But if the ash lingers and aircraft cannot fly either above or below it...


What am I entitled to if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

The basic entitlement if your outbound flight is cancelled is that you should be offered a full refund or an alternative flight. If your alternative flight is the next day or later, the airline is obliged to offer you refreshments, meals, hotel accommodation and transfers. You are also entitled to two free phone calls, emails or faxes.

Although under EU rules passengers flying within the EU/EEA are entitled to up to 600 euros if their flights are cancelled or delayed significantly, a get-out clause exists if the disruption has been caused by 'extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.' In the case of volcanic ash clouds, it's likely that airlines could reasonably opt for that clause so it's wise not to expect to pick up your 600 euros.


What if I booked a package holiday?

Your holiday deal is with your tour operator who is obliged to do everything possible to help you, including offering an alternative holiday where they can. If the alternative offered is significantly different from the one you originally booked, the tour operator should offer you the choice of a full refund instead.


What if I booked my accommodation separately?

The airline is only responsible for the flight disruption, you will need to check delay or cancellation terms and conditions directly with your accommodation provider.


What if I am already on holiday and my return flight is cancelled?

If you are already on holiday and your return flight to the UK is delayed or cancelled, EU based airlines have to arrange accommodation and meals for you and to provide transport between the airport and your accommodation or to meet your costs of transport if they are unable to provide it. You are also entitled to two free phone calls, emails or faxes.


Dos and don'ts when your flight has been delayed or cancelled.


  • Check the status of your flight before leaving home.
  • If your airline does not provide any assistance, keep all your receipts and claim reimbursement when you get home.
  • Ensure you re-arrange your travel insurance for the later dates, or claim a refund if you cancel.


  • Abandon your flight altogether and make your own arrangements to get home as you may lose any rights to compensation.
  • Cancel your flight just in case you might not be able to get back. You're unlikely to be entitled to a refund.
  • Go on a spending spree and expect to be reimbursed later – keep your expenses to a reasonable level.


Claiming reimbursement

As soon as possible when you get home, you should write to your airline seeking compensation for your costs and enclosing your receipts.

You might want to throw in a phrase along the lines of "I am aware of my rights as laid down under Regulation (EC) 261/2004 which establishes common rules and assistance in the event of cancellation or long delays of flights and I wish to claim reimbursement in accordance with those rights".