Whales & Dolphins Photography Cruise


Sun Feb 21st 2016 to Sun Feb 28th 2016
Tenerife, Marina San Miguel, Tenerife

Event Details

Have you always wanted to capture photographs of dolphins and whales? This could be the perfect experience for you to create some wonderful memories. Spend a week on the Jean de la Lune enjoying the picturesque sceneries of Tenerife including secluded bay and star gazing at night. The deep waters between Tenerife and La Gomera are teeming with microscopic marine life which makes them the equivalent of a fast food outlet for the 28 species, including sperm, minke, and killer whales who annually pass through on their migratory routes, and for the pods of bottle nosed dolphins who have made these waters their home. As a result, Tenerife's dolphin and whale watching trips can almost guarantee sightings every time they weigh anchor. Price only £499 Contact us to book at: website: www.sailjdl.co.uk tel: 0208 144 1253 email: jdl@sailjdl.co.uk

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