Traditional Chestnut Fiesta Puerto de la Cruz

Tue Nov 29th 2016
Tenerife, Plaza de Charco, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Event Details

Tenerifians are famous for their weird and wonderful traditional fiestas - and not to be missed is the Fiesta del Cacharro y la Castaña - a unique festivity which sees the locals tying string to cans, tins or other objects and dragging them noisily along a marked route through the city streets to the Plaza de Charco where a huge spread of roast chestnuts awaits them.

If you love a bit of culture with your sunny island fix then get yourself down there for an original experience of deafening clattering and good old hustle and bustle. You can also try some delicious chestnuts in the square along with other local products such as gofio bread, sweet potatoes and island wines.

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