The Battle of Tenerife Reenactment 2017

The 220nd Anniversary of Nelson's Attack on Santa Cruz.

Sun Jul 23rd 2017
Tenerife, Historical Centre, Santa Cruz

Event Details

Go back in time during the epic historical recreation of the battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which took place on the 25th July 1797 during an amphibious assault by the Royal Navy.

‚ÄčLaunched by Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson on 22 July 1797, the assault was defeated, and on 25 July the remains of the landing party withdrew under a truce, having lost several hundred men. Nelson himself had been wounded in the arm, which was subsequently partially amputated: a stigma that he carried to his grave as a constant reminder of his failure.

For years now the anniversary of the battle has been celebrated with a reenaction of the battle on the streets.

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