Cocktail Masterclasses - Stag and Hen Season in Tramps, The King of Clubs!


Fri Oct 30th 2015 to Mon Feb 29th 2016
Centro Comercial Starco, South Coast, Playa-de-las-Americas

Event Details

Stag and Hen Season is upon us once again in Tenerife... Tramps is ready, organised and prepared! Tramps is now running a cocktail class for large groups visiting Tenerife through Winter and Spring (minimum 10 people - November to March 2016). At these classes, you can learn how to make the world’s finest cocktails with the Tramps Team. Simply visit our website (link below) and book it for any time you like. Anyone who drinks cocktails will know there is an art to it – you can’t just throw everything together and hope for the best. If you want to learn how to make your favourite cocktail to perfection and be able to impress your party guests with insider tricks from the very best mixologists then our classes are perfect for you. What’s Involved in the class? Each cocktail making class lasts 90 minutes and gives you and your friends a chance to learn all there is to know about cocktail making from the Tramp's Team experts. During the sessions, you not only learn how to make delicious drinks from scratch, but you will get to drink them as well! Of course, we also add our own Tramps Tenerife sense of fun to proceedings. The Best Way To Celebrate Our cocktail making classes are ideal for so many occasions. If you want an alternative to a typical night out with the girls/lads, one of our classes could be perfect. Perhaps you have a birthday party coming up – our classes are a great way to celebrate with friends! If you have been put in charge of planning a hen party or a stag party but you don’t want to follow tradition, our cocktail classes always prove to be a success. Or why not try something different with your workmates for a fun, alternative twist on a team building task? Whatever the occasion, we can guarantee that you will have a fun filled evening and come away with the knowledge to prepare, shake, mix and serve your own cocktails to perfection. Book a class today! Tips From Tramps Although booking onto our cocktail making class is the best way to learn all there is to know about cocktail making, here are a few hints and tips that may help you out in the future: – Never throw all the ingredients in all at once. The order in which you add your ingredients to the cocktail really affects how the cocktail tastes. Mixologists know the best order to add every ingredient, and they will be able to teach you at one of our classes. – Chilling the glasses can improve the flavour of the cocktail. You will have noticed that when you buy cocktails the bar staff will chill the glass while they make the drink as it helps improve the flavour. – Always shake the shaker and not yourself. If you haven’t got the shaking technique right, the ingredients won’t mix and the drink won’t taste as it should. Our mixologists will show you the correct method at the class. For €30 each, enjoy this extremely fun activity whilst also learning to recipes (and getting drunk of course!) Go to

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