Castles Route in Santa Cruz

Lean about the History of Santa Cruz

Sat Dec 3rd 2016
Tenerife, Auditorium, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Event Details

A guided walking tour around the different castles of Santa Cruz where participants will be informed about the history of these protected buildings and the island's defence systems and cultural heritage..

The tour begins at 11am and begins at the stairs of the Auditorium that are facing the sea. The group will then continue onto San Juan, La Casa de la Pólvora, the bahia de San Cristobal, the tower of San Andres, the caste of Paso Alto and much more, This is a unique opportunity to see inside these buildings, many of which are usually closed to the public.

The tour costs 6 Euros and can be bought at the History museum, nature museum or teh science museum as well as via bank transfer. For more info call: 922 825 949/43


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