Best Sports and Training in San Eugenio Alto

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Tenerife team

In the depth of a European winter you often hear of an athlete or sports team jetting off to enhance their training in sunnier climes. Where do they go?...Tenerife of course!

The warm 'winters', top class hotels and restaurants coupled with spectacular scenery provide the ideal escape to hone those finely tuned bodies to perfection. Perhaps you are competing for 'those championships' in 'that counrty' with the searing heat. Here again the hot summers in Tenerife will help you acclimatise for just such an event. It has long been recognised that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. That is why the team at MyGuide are seeing 'personalities' from an increasingly wider variety of sports. From football to snooker (and everything in between)...train to be the best in Tenerife!